Black Dragon & Pink Firefly – Silver Edition

Quantity Minted: 200

Utility: This token is a collectible that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. No other experience is attached to this token. There are only 200 in existence.


  • A2Heroes is Caleb Jones’ NFT collection based around the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle that he’s been teaching via books, courses, and seminars since 2009. To make them more fun, they are mostly characters from the comic book Black Dragon and Pink Firefly, a comedy set in a fantasy setting, which is available for free. Whenever you purchase an A2Heroes NFT, you do not only get the collectable NFT, but you also get a specific service from Caleb or his company for a period of three years. Each NFT offers a different type of service or item. So you are not just buying a piece of digital art; you’re buying something tangible and real that will actually help you.

  • For this inaugural release, there are 12 different NFTs though there are different versions of some of them. There is a set quantity of each NFT, making a grand total of 458 NFTs that can be purchased. However, Caleb will retain some of these for his own collection and investment.

  • The A2Heroes token is an art and collectable that lasts forever. That’s the entire point. The additional underlying benefits of the service attached to the NFT will expire xxxxxx 2025.

  • Caleb is very good at seeing the writing on the wall and has a long track record of being accurate on his macro-level predictions. He is a firm believer that the blockchain in general and smart contracts in particular will radically change the entire way human beings interact with each other over the next few years, so he’s getting in on the ground floor via NFTs. You can too by getting your own A2Heroes NFTs.

  • Alyssia Jones, Caleb’s daughter. She is a professional artist and quite talented, as you can clearly see when you see the NFTs or comic books. Since most NFTs for sale on the internet look pretty crappy, it was very important to Caleb that the A2Heroes NFTs actually look good.

  • If the sales of the initial NFTs go well, yes. Caleb has an entire storyline planned out and we would love to do a new comic every 30-60 days, introducing new characters (and new NFTs!) as we go. But only if the sales of these initial NFTs go well, so whether or not you see more comic book issues and NFTs is completely up to you and the rest of the A2Heroes audience!

  • No, Caleb writes the entire comic. However, Pink Firefly evaluates and approves all visual images of herself, both in the comics and the NFTs.

  • If the sales of the initial NFTs go well, yes. If they don’t, then probably not. Caleb only does what the marketplace clearly wants as demonstrated by how they spend their money, so it’s all up to you! (Caleb has several new characters already planned… but you’ll only see them if sales of the NFTs go well!)

  • Primary sales of the A2Heroes NFTs will be on only. A2Heroes NFTs will appear on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible etc. for resale purchase. A2Heroes NFTs will adhere to the ERC-721 standard.

  • Absolutely. A2Heroes NFTs can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Raible etc. If an A2Heroes NFTs is resold there will be a 10% royalty fee to A2Heroes.

  • Because each NFT isn’t just a piece of digital art. Just about every NFT is also attached to a very specific, tangible service you receive from Caleb or his staff over a three-year period, making the NFT much more valuable. While Caleb loves the concept of NFTs and has (obviously) bought into them, he also thinks spending money just on a piece of digital art with no actual benefit to your life is a little lame. The A2Heroes NFTs solve this problem. Go look at each NFT’s page to see the tangible services/benefits you will receive with each NFT.

  • Caleb won’t stop doing Alpha Male 2.0 in 2024. He may cut back his work hours but he won’t stop. This company makes too much money for him and he really enjoys it. Caleb is 100% committed to the Alpha Male 2.0 brand and community for the long haul.

  • Due to various reasons (including legal and regulatory concerns), A2Heroes cannot establish or distribute potential royalties to token owners.

  • All A2Heroes characters and tokens are intellectual property owned by DCS International LLC, as such token owners cannot sell or distribute A2Heroes characters or designs in any way.

  • We’re always hanging out on our Alpha Male 2.0 Facebook Group, Alpha Male 2.0 Discord server, and Alpha Male 2.0 Telegram Group.

  • NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. This is the gold standard and most widely-supported format for digital collectables.

  • In order to purchase an A2Heroes NFT, you will need to conduct two important steps. First, you will need to purchase ETH (Ethereum cryptocurrency) from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance. Once you have completed that step, you will need to transfer your ETH into a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallets. These wallets connect to the A2Heroes website and allow you to purchase an NFT. Here are specific instructions outlining in detail how to set up a crypto wallet, send ETH to your wallet, and purchase an A2Heroes NFT.

  • In order to create an A2Heroes marketplace and to do our best to ensure no auctions can be maliciously bid on or manipulated, A2Heroes tokens will be sold via a Dutch auction.

  • Yes!

  • The answer is “technically no, but it depends.” We don’t want one or two rich guys swooping in and buying all of our NFTs so no one else can benefit from them. So if you buy several NFTs, that great, please do. But if you want to buy a lot (like 30 or 50 of them) you may want to email us first and let us know what you’re planning. If anyone buys more than 20 or 30 of them we reserve the right to limit the real-world benefits to some of those NFTs. Just email us with your questions or concerns before bidding if you want to purchase that many so we can lay out a plan with you.

  • No.

  • No. In order to purchase an A2Heroes NFT, you will need to have a digital wallet with Ethereum cryptocurrency.

  • In order to redeem a benefit we must be able to verify on the chain that you own the token at the time the benefit is being deployed or activated, so renting out A2Heroes NFTs is not recommended.

  • You can verify the number of redemptions a token has by visiting the specific token’s page on and viewing the redemption count as marked by our redemption key symbol. A2Heroes’ redemption counts are also viewable on OpenSea under a token’s properties.

  • Because we wanted the process of purchasing these NFTs to be as easy and stress-free as possible for crypto-newbies and “normal” people. If you’re already a crypto expert, yes, we are aware of the negatives of Ethereum, but regardless, ETH is still an “easy,” well-known, and trusted cryptocurrency that won’t scare off people who are not crypto experts like some of the altcoins would. Altcoins like Polygon are fast and cheap but normal people aren’t aware of it, don’t trust it, and it also limits the resale ability of our NFTs.